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This is me When I was five years old.

I was born in 1950 in Bonne Terre Missouri.My family lived in Potosi, Missouri.

We lived on a dairy farm owned by the Casey family.

I was the last of six children that my Mom & Dad had.

Like they really needed another mouth to feed.HA!

We always had plenty of milk to drink though and plenty of food and in the nineteen fifties that was a lot.

Everyone we knew was as poor as we were so, we were very happy in our ignorance.

Pop worked a lot of hours of course,those cows weren't going to milk themselves.

Mommy worked hard too, with six kids and no running water,no automatic washing machine.

We had a wringer washer by the time I came along I think,
but I do remember the old wash board so the wringer must of came around the time I was six years old.

When we kids got in trouble we always had to go outside
and sit by the water pump to "think" about what we had done wrong.
That was probably the only times that Mommy ever had any peace.

Of course we had a good time sitting around that old pump.

There was us four girls and two boys.

We went to the Baptist church out in the country.Mommy said that we went every time the door was open
so that meant that we were in Church a LOT.I loved it.

Church was like a second home to me.
Some of my best memories are in that little church.

We moved away from Potosi when I was eight years old,
in fact we moved on my birthday in 1958.

It took me three years to get over that move.

Mommy never got over it.
She hated the new town,
she missed her family,
and the people here were very different then we had ever known.

Pop was happy any where he could work.
He had changed towns but the work was the same,
another dairy.

We kids finally got used to the town,
and by then there were only three of us girls left at home.

The three older ones left to get married.


And Now My Mom And Dad

This Is My Dad,

We Six Kids Call Him "Pop"

We Used To Call Him Poppy But Then We All Got Older.

So We All Started Calling Him Pop.

He Was Forty Eight Years Old In This Picture.

He Is Eighty Four Years Old Now.

Pop still works hard.

He has a little business of his own, cutting yards in the summer.

He loves the out doors so he cuts other peoples grass.

This Is A Picture Of Our Mom.

When She Was Forty Three Years Old.

She Passed Away Three Years After This Picture Was Taken,
At the age of forty six.

I Was Sixteen When She Passed Away.We Were All Pretty Young.

She didn't live a long life but she taught us so much while she was here.

I can still hear her words.

I have tried to teach my own kids the same things she taught us.

Like to respect others and to respect ourselves.

Here Is A Picture Of My Husband And Myself When We Were First Married

And one of me NOW

This is me at the age of six years old.

Stick um up !!



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