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My first memories are around the time I was five and six years old.
August 20, 1956 I remember real well.
It was FAIR time in Potosi, Missouri.
You know, the county fair.
I remember that Mommy had told me that
I had to take a nap that afternoon if I wanted to go to the fair.
Of course, I took that nap.
We all went that night,
of course we walked just like we always did.
The older ones got to go off by themselves but Shirley and I had to stay close to Pop and Mommy.
We used to get aggravated because they were always standing around talking to people.
We wanted to go ride something or play a game.
We knew we couldn't play anything except the duckies.
Everything else was gambling as far as Mommy could tell.
The duckies were just like buying something because you got something every time.
Shirley and I grumbled a little but we eventually got to ride a few rides
and we watched a show.

Well,the time had come that we were all getting ready to go home.
We were walking up that big hill
to get on the highway when I started tugging on Mommy's hand.
I kept pulling and she finally stopped and said "Sheila? What do you want"?
I told her I wanted a Mickey Mouse balloon.
At first I thought she was going to say no but
then she said to me that if they got it then
it would be my birthday present.
Of course I said "O.K"
Pop walked back down the hill
and then walked back up the hill with
the biggest Mickey Mouse balloon I had ever seen.
I could of flew home, I was so tickled.
They tied it at the end of the bed for me so I could see it when I woke up the next morning.
Mommy took my picture with it the next day on my sixth birthday.

I was a happy little girl back then with Mommy, Pop, my brothers and sisters.Why shouldn't I be? I was the BABY
That's what they all called me.
It was sometimes good (Does that Baby have on clean underwear?) Sometimes bad (Here!!! BIG BABY).
Yes, That last one usually came from Shirley.
I deserved more then that because I was a big baby.
I knew I was the baby and everyone better watch out for me.
If you think your kids don't know where they are
in the totem pole just think again because they KNOW.

Well, if I was the baby and got all the things that go along with being the baby,
George (I called him Orgie), was the oldest and did he ever think he was king!!!

He used to tell Mommy that she should have stopped having kids after him.

Of course I knew he couldn't have been talking about me.

Must of been talking about the others.
By the time I was six George was already eighteen
and ready to leave home to go in the navy.
We didn't know how much we would miss him but
I sure didn't want him to go.
He was a fun loving kid.
When we were at the table eating supper he would always smash someones biscuit.
We never knew who's biscuit it would be but all of a sudden down would come his fist on one of ours.
Bang !! Flat as a pancake!!
When it happend to me, I would say " Mommy look what Orgie did".
She would say "George".
He would lean his chair back on two legs and laugh.
It was just a regular routine.

Luella (I called her Sissy) was next.
When I got in trouble Sissy would always say "come here honey".
I could cry on her shoulder and life was great again.
Luella was sixteen when I was six years old.
She was a model of the 1950's.
She wore the can-cans.Yellow, pink,blue,blue-green.
The scarf around her neck.
The poodle skirt.
The upturned collar.
She had to watch American Bandstand.
That's the only thing we ever got into it about.
I wanted to watch cartoons and she always wanted to watch The American Bandstand.
I think she won on that one most of the time.

Eddie was next, he loved to fish and make money.
He sold salve,the Grit Paper and worms in the summertime.
Eddie taught me how to whistle when I was six years old.
The day I did was the day I broke my arm.
I was running down towards the end of the yard
hollering for Eddie to tell him and
tripped in a goffer hole and broke my arm.

I still hollered at Eddie and told him I could whistle.

Carol, I called her Carley,don't ask.
Anyway, Carol was the only blond in the bunch,
she took after Pop's Mother who had blond hair.

Carol was so fun to pick at and

it was sooo easy to make her scream.
Did I pick at her????
You know I did!!
All I had to do was cup my hands together

with a fishng worm in my hands and say real quitely


see what I got"?

She would look at me and jump up and down on her toes


s-c-r-e-a-m ,


till Mommy would come out the back door to see what was going on.
I think Mommy just assummed what was going on because all she usually said was,
"Sheila put the worm away".
I know it was bad of me but she was so funny up on her toes screaming
I just had to do it whenever I knew I wouldn't get into trouble.
I had Mommy figured out early on and I knew her moods

so when I could

I would.

Shirley was three years older then me so we played together the most.
We would play with our dolls and play house.
We loved to make mud pies and let them dry in the hot sun.We picked big leaves for our bread.
We would sweep the ground till it was real hard and shiny.
We would wade in the creek and catch tadpoles.
At night we would catch fireflies.
Did we ever fight?

OH YES!!!,

we would have big ones.
She wouldn't do what I wanted to do or
I wouldn't do what she wanted to do so we
would get into it and each go our own ways some days.
When we would have one of our fights I would go find one of the boys and Shirley would go find one of the girls.



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