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The names of the backgrounds are kind of missleading
so be sure you look before judging by name.

To see the background on a webpage click "Preview".

Dark GreenPreview Old BluePreviewPink/WhitePreview
JeansPreviewOld WallPreviewFriends WallPreview

Lt BrownPreviewMonacas CheekPreviewMonacas Curtain Preview
Pillow Preview SofaPreview Monica Blouse Preview
Monica Shirt Preview Books Preview Brown Chair Preview
Desk Preview DimondPreview Brown Preview
F Chair Preview Panel Preview F Wall Preview
Pink Preview Nicoles DressPreview Pink Bubble Preview
Pink Rose Preview CantalopePreview Choclate Preview
Potatoes Preview Rasberrie1Preview Raspeberie Preview
Razeberry Tangelo PreviewBonanza 1 Preview Bonanza2
Preview Bonanza3 PreviewBooks Preview Gray
Preview Bonanza Pink PreviewBonanza Brown Preview Wood
Preview A Grape PreviewAn Orange Preview ~~~~

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